Support of the junior talent contest "Jugend forscht"

Starting in 2017 the ESD FORUM e.V. supports Germany's famous junior talent contest Jugend forscht by means of special prizes of 200 EUR at regional contests and 1500 EUR at federal contests. These prizes are awarded by the corresponding expert jury independent of the given subject area for interdisciplinary research in the field of electronics. The broad thematic support is intended to foster interdisciplinary thinking and interdisciplinary solutions, both of which are of utmost importance for the field of ESD protection.

Special Prize of the ESD FORUM e.V. at the Federal Contest 2019

The 54th federal contest of Jugend forscht took place in Chemitz on 16-19 May 2019 under the patronage of the German Federal President. In the field "Mathematics / Informatics" , the special prize of the ESD FORUM e.V. amounting to 1500 EUR was awarded to the project "Vorteile durch KI – Deep Learning trifft AOI: Automatische Optische Inspektion von Leiterplatten" of Vinh Phuc Tran (17), Erzhausen, Edith-Stein-Schule, Darmstadt.

The jury justified the award as follows: "Electronic printed circuit boards are mostly manufactured automatically today. Even quality control for missing, misplaced or misconnected components can be carried out by means of automated optical checks. To this end, Vinh Phuc Tran applied methodologies of artificial intelligence (AI). Based on artificial neuronal networks (deep-learning techniques) the young scientist developed a special algorithm that allows to identify six typical defects of printed circuit boards with a success rate of 99%. The results of his research can help to achieve a cost-effective production of electronic components."

JugendForscht 2019 VinhPhucTran

Photo (© Stiftung Jugend forscht e.V. / Fraunhofer IWU): Dr. Tilo Brodbeck (right) hands the special prize of the ESD FORUM e.V. to Vinh Phuc Tran (left) and congratulates him for his outstanding research results.

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